Pumpers Hockey


06-Jan-13        Sun. 8:30pm    Spec. @ Wildcats

11-Jan-13        Fri. 8:45pm      H.P. @ Colts

16-Jan-13        Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Warriors

20-Jan-13        Sun. 7:30pm    Enderby @ Chinooks (We Pay $135)

23-Jan-13        Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Sicamous Oldtimers

27-Jan-13        Sun. 8:30pm    Spec. vs Enderby Cowboys

31-Jan-13        Thurs. 9:15pm Spec. @ Senators

03-Feb-13        Sun. 7:45pm    Armstrong @ Cowboys

06-Feb-13        Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Wildcats

13-Feb-13        Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Bent Blades

15-Feb-13        Fri. 9:15pm      Enderby @ Cowboys

17-Feb-13        Sun. 8:45pm    H.P. @ Warriors

20-Feb-13        Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Senators

24-Feb-13        Sun. 8:30pm    Spec.vs Cavalliers (They pay $135)

28-Feb-13        Thurs. 7:30pm Armstrong @ Bent Blades

06-Mar-13       Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Colts

13-Mar-13       Wed. 9:15pm   H.P. vs Arm. Cowboys

18-Mar-13       Mon. 8:30pm   Sicamous vs Siccy Oldtimers

* $200 for the half if 12 guys pay in full.  $15 for drop in per game.  We are also looking to fill Mike Bailey’s spot for the 2nd half if anyone knows of someone with 2 years or more hockey experience!

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