Student Transcripts



Ø    Go to

Ø    Near the top of the screen will be an orange bar.  Put the cursor over the word “Registration” and a drop down list will appear.

Ø    Click on “Tuition Tax Receipts (T2202A)”

Ø    This next screen will have subheadings in orange letters.  Find the one the says “Unofficial Student Transcript.”

Ø    Click on the hyperlink under that heading (**

Ø    This next screen says, “Welcome to the Justice Institute of BC.”

Ø    Enter the student number for the “User Name” without the zeros before the 1, for example enter 1000222888, not 001000222888.

Ø    Then enter the student’s birthdate for the “Password” in the following format:  yyyymmdd

Ø    The student’s name should appear at the top of the next screen.

Ø    Along the left side of the screen in the blue column, is the heading, “Programs and Courses.”

Ø    Click on “Print Unofficial Transcript.”

Ø    On the next screen, click on the “OK” button.

Ø    On the next screen, click on the “Print” button.

Ø    This next screen should show the student’s transcript in Adobe.  Now it can be printed.

Ø    Please ensure that you click on “Exit” when you are done.  This is near the top right hand section of the screen.

NOTE:  If a student is not able to sign in with their student number and birthdate, it may be because they are not set up to be able to access this information yet.  In this case, contact Registration at (604) 528-5590 and they will set the student up to be able to access this information.

**The student can also just type in in the address bar to eliminate the first few steps, and then continue on from there, whichever they prefer.