Training Session List

Training Sessions List:


BC Hydro – Safety – Aerial Power Lines

A live field demonstration to drive home the principles of High Voltage safety.


Fortis – Explosions/Large Incidents


Environment Canada – Environmental Incidents


New Car Technology/Electric Cars


Large Container – Building Search

Hand’s on search in a large structure environment with multiple levels and rooms.  Learn how to search the most ground in the shortest possible time.


Auto Extrication

Live extrication presents an opportunity to learn the latest techniques with the newest tools.


Manufacturer Display

A collection of the leading manufactures in Canada showcasing the lasted technology and developments in the various fields of First Response.


Fire Scene Investigation

How much do you know about how a fire starts?  Learn how to preserve evidence and then deconstruct a real fire scene.


Fire fit Challenge SAFD

Seven of the most gruelling fire scene task wrapped up into a single course.  It’s you against the clock…


RIT Challenge– Oliver FD

In a rescue situation, timing can be everything… learn and practice the skills required to extricate a downed Fire-Fighter in the most efficient manner possible.  Try it once, apply what you learn and then try to beat your time.


Low angle rope rescue


High Angle Rescue


Small Aircraft

Small Airports are prevalent in most of our communities.  Learn some techniques and skills that might make the difference in a small aircraft incident.


SCBA confidence course

Stairways, tunnels, fallen wires and a 16” on centre entry and egress… a challenge for anyone.  Take away the light and add an SCBA, you’ll be ready for any structure.


TIC training – Change rooms

Become competent at reading a Thermal Imaging camera and then engage in a live search in a smoky environment.


Confined Space training

Confined spaces present particular challenges for rescue.  Lear


Forestry speaker – Large Incident Management (Jake)


Foam Demo

Live training with one of the most effective tools in a fire department’s arsenal.


Helicopter Safety – RAP Attack (Jake)

Live Helicopter Safety at the RAP Attack base.


Saw Safety (Jake)

Hands-on saw training.  Pick the right saw for the job and get the most out of the tool.


Forcible Entry

Gain access to a building by executing a variety of breaching skills for various types of entryways… all while using the most common tools on a fire truck.


Rescue Air

A trapped fire-Fighter is low on air… learn how to keep him breathing with a few simple tools and techniques until a rescue can be mounted.


CANUTEC – what can they do for us


Wild Land/Urban Interface SPU Demonstration

Wild Land fires in urban areas can cause millions of dollars in property damage.  Mother Nature does not always cooperate but is there is something we can do to save people, their memories and their possessions with little risk to Fire-Fighters.


Speaker – NC – Fire Ground Tactics


Speaker 2 – NC – Small Apartment Fires


Speaker 3 – NC – Basement Fires

All types of fires have specific dangers.  Basement fires are common and can present difficulties for search and containment.   Learn tools to increase safety and speed search and containment.


LODD – Job Related Cancers

Learn the how to protect yourself against the dangers we don’t see.


Railway safety – TransCEAR


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